The new book by Dror Poleg, as featured in:

The acclaimed new book by Dror Poleg, as featured in:

Rethinking Real Estate Round ThumbnailRethinking Real Estate provides technology entrepreneurs and real estate professionals with key insights and practical strategies that will enable you to develop innovative solutions, identify risks, evaluate emerging competitors, and transform your investment thesis, project, venture, or career.

Technology is redefining our basic assumptions about location, visibility, zoning, capital, and information. 

Dror PolegDror Poleg is the Co-Chair of the Urban Land Institute’ Tech & Innovation Council in New York. He advises some of the world’s largest investors on the future of offices, homes, retail, and hospitality.

He spent the last 20 years working at the intersection of technology and the built world in Beijing, Melbourne, Tel Aviv, London, and New York.

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