Why are our offices, homes, stores, and warehouses the way they are?

How were they shaped by previous waves of innovation — from the train and telegraph to the TV and automobile?

How will the innovations of our own era reshape the cities and buildings we live in?

Technology is redefining the value of physical assets: the meaning of location and accessibility, the power of zoning and regulation, the flow of capital and information, and even the notion of scarcity itself.

How to make the most of it?

Rethinking Real Estate provides technology entrepreneurs and real estate professionals with key insights and practical strategies that will enable you to develop innovative solutions, identify risks, evaluate emerging competitors, and transform your investment thesis, project, venture, or career.

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"If you want to protect your long-term career in property, this book is your survival manual."

Juliette Morgan, Head of Sustainable Development, British Land

"A thought-provoking exploration of technology’s impact on how commercial real estate is used, operated, and valued."

Guy Vardi, Chief Innovation Officer,
Silverstein Properties

“Core reading for investors looking to understand what the future of real estate means for them."

Jack Sibley, Innovation & Tech Strategies, Nuveen Real Estate

“Essential read for those with aspirations to understand and lead change."

Richard Pickering, Chief Strategy Officer, UK, Cushman & Wakefield

“If you need to understand the future of real estate, read this book now!"

Aaron Block, Founder & Managing Director, MetaProp Ventures

"You have to read this book. It’s the clearest, most comprehensive analysis of the complete overhaul impacting real estate"

Charlie Green, Co-CEO & Co-Founder, The Office Group

"This book will help anyone that invests or operates institutional real estate to evaluate their strategy."

Karen Hollinger, SVP of Strategic Initiatives,
AvalonBay Communities

"A must-read for any real estate professional, investment professional, or entrepreneur"

Ryan Simonetti, CEO & Co-Founder, Convene

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